Looking to spend some time with your favorite girlfriends? Thursday, February 11th from 5pm - 8pm in downtown Lufkin, you can do just that. The "Galentine's Shopping Event Downtown Lufkin" is a great reason to get the girls together. The best part is that the downtown shops will be staying open late, so you might actually have a chance to shop after work.

There will be sweet treats while you shop, eat, and enjoy local. Anything that shines a light on the shops keeping our downtown in Lufkin going gets my support. There haven't been a lot of reasons to celebrate lately, and this could be the thing that gets you back into the spirit of living.

Downtown Lufkin
Downtown Lufkin
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Galentine's Day is the only good fake holiday on the calendar. It's before Valentines day and it's purpose is to celebrate their love for one another. It has it's origins in the television show Parks and Rec as written by Amy Poehler. If you are single, or just don't buy into the usual romanticizing of Valentine's Day, this might be your new favorite holiday. If nothing else it gives you something to look forward to.

There was a time that people didn't celebrate Valentines Day. It is loosely based on the Roman festival of Lupercalia, and was changed to 'Christianize' the pagan celebration.  The pagan version included fertility rites and the pairing off of women with men by lottery. Who want's a part of that?

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