Were you born in Game of Thrones’ Westeros, chances are you will not survive to a ripe old age. That doesn’t keep the cast of HBO’s fantasy epic from dreaming, however, as an impressive new parody strings together Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” with the entire crew.

The ol’ “stitch together dialogue snippets to match song lyrics” bit may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie for Game of Thrones. Across all six seasons, Sung By Movies put together the new three-minute parody featuring fan-favorite characters alive and dead, including the most obscure of Westeros players.

Fan parodies of Game of Thrones are bound to ramp up as we cross the one-month threshold to Season 7’s premiere. We’ve already seen the series’ deaths laid out to upwards of 150,000, so no, not everyone will survive.

While we wait, check out the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer again below (along with our own parody), and stay tuned for the latest.

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