If you are thinking about being a part of the 2018 Lufkin Lighted Christmas Parade, start your preparations now. Applications to be in the parade will be available November 1st, and this year they are limiting the parade to only 100 entries, so get it in fast. This years theme is "Christmas Is For Children".

The parade route is through downtown Lufkin as usual. We will have our station vehicles in the parade this year I am sure. Continuing our tradition of haphazardly sticking LED lights on it in a hurry. But it will be very clean, and the wheels are shiny.

There are many events coming up this holiday season. Traditions in Lufkin must be continued forever. So if you ever remember doing something interesting, it's most likely still going on. We will keep you posted on all of it. Just make sure to check out my posts daily, as it's usually somewhat informative.

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