A YouTube channel known as "Luigi" has put together a 70 minute playlist of Holiday-themed music from different Nintendo games.

It's not all really "Christmas" music, as much as it is the music from snow-themed levels in different games. There is something quite joyful about all these tunes and it might be a nice break from the Christmas classics that are overplayed this time of year.

See if any of these tunes bring you back to your gaming days. Or are they from newer games that you've yet to play? Either way, if you've got little ones in the house, this Winter music playlist might put them in the dancing mood.


As many video games that get purchased during the holidays, I'm surprised not more games are about Christmas itself.

Not a lot of games can actually help gamers get in the Christmas mood, and the only ones that come to mind are that small "Nightmare Before Christmas" segment in Kingdom Hearts 2, and the incredibly difficult "Home Alone" video game that came out for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

The whole thing has got me wondering if they'll ever make a game where you can actually play as Santa Claus. Hopefully he won't be armed with a shotgun defending the North Pole from the undead.

Merry Christmas everybody!


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