We are giving you a hand with your White Elephant Gift this Christmas.

If you want a hand out and not a hand up, this is the White Elephant Christmas gift that you have been waiting for. When I first saw these in the giveaway bin for our White Elephant Giveaway, I knew I had to try them on.

I have seen the tiny hands before, where you have a little stick that you hold onto. If you are wearing long sleeves they look very strange if you put your hands up in your shirt. But these, you just put one on every finger, and it's creepy. Just take a look for yourself.


If you have a White Elephant party for your office coming up, you are going to want to bring these. When you enter to win you will not only get a random White Elephant gift like these, you'll also get a $25 dollar Amazon card brought to you by AAA Trophy and T-Shirt in Lufkin. 

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