In East Texas if you want to hit the casinos, Shreveport is a close drive. It's about the same as driving to Houston. You can't gamble in Houston, but you get the point.

The winds of change are upon them, and the Shreveport City Council has voted to ban smoking pretty much anywhere in the city. They lumped vaping in with it of course, but not other smoking cessation devices, like gums and patches. You know cause vaping looks like smoke?

The ban takes place starting on August 1st 2021. This will come as some great news for people that would love to go to these places, but just can't handle all of the smoke.

I have been to Shreveport to play, and the smoke in smaller casinos is thick. I am personally glad they are banning it, and putting designated smoking areas outside. I think it will make for more business, and a few less cigarettes smoked. You aren't going to take a smoke break and stop the action on your machine when it's hot.

Careful though, the casino you go to could technically be in Bossier, so check that when you book your trip to celebrate smoke free gambling. If you love to smoke, and you are never quitting, just head on over to Bossier. They have no plans to ban it, and will likely keep doing it even longer if they notice an uptick in customers. 

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Clean air for patrons and the employees alike. It does make the trip a little more enticing.

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