Local Heat Advisories for our area until 7pm today Tuesday August 13th. This is the hottest we have gotten so far this year. Just as kids finally make it back to school, they are going to be hot melting on the sidewalks. With a little knowledge you can keep them safe and cool.

Make sure they know the signs of dehydration, and know where the water fountains are. I think kids as young as 5 could figure out the concept. If water is leaking out of your body, put some back in. Put in too much, and then you have to go to the bathroom. You can drink too much water, so make sure they know just to take it easy.

Even as temperatures hover right now at 98, it feels like 105. We are getting ever closer to our next slight chance of rain, and I hope it's in our favor. The best chance right now is around 8am. Luckily my morning walk will be over by then, and hopefully you will be back home or work from dropping off the kids. Still just a 40% chance, so if it actually rains, it won't be for very long, and it will just make for more humidity.


From the outside looking in, all of these pictures look so beautiful. In reality it's just downright inhospitable outside. I walked outside yesterday, and the sun burned me instantly. I don't think it used to do that when I was a kid. I guess I was better then at finding a little shade.

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