The Cinemark 12 in Lufkin (stand-alone/not the mall), is going through a remodel right now, and it's a huge step into what movie going has become. Large theaters went from 260 boring old theater seats down to 96 spaced out, comfy recliners. Big Armrests, and plenty of isle room, even when reclined. That is the best part.

I think movie theaters finally figured out that is we could get concessions without disturbing others and we would go more often. The smaller theaters have 45 spots for seating. We’ll be living in luxury when we go to see movies from now on, but you’ll have to be early at the door, or online because the theater has assigned seats now. You most likely won’t be able to use the “male” buffer zone (empty seat in the middle) with your pals anymore, but it’s cool… Nobody cares about that these days.

Cinemark Recliners

If you’re an early bird, you’ll be able to select the best seat in the house, but if you show up right when the movie is starting, you might find you're out of luck.
Their concessions will be improved with a bar, serving beer and wine, but you’ll have to wait until January for that to go into effect. You’ll also be able to order new food options like French fries, and Chicken Strips.

Oh I forgot one of the best things! You know how the movie theater can get cold, and if you forgot a jacket, you’re left shivering for the entire movie?These new recliners have an option to heat the seats! 3 levels of heated pleasure. The manager even told us you’ll be free to leave the heat on when you leave, or the seat reclined too. They’ll have crews in between movies, coming through to make sure everything is clean and set for the next film.

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