It's hot, real hot. I know it seems hard to imagine someone not having AC. Most seniors do, but they could be under performing window units. Being on a fixed income sometimes means they can't afford to run them full blast all the time. Fans help fill that gap.

Seniors have thinner skin that younger people. They can't regulate their temperature as well. The high humidity in our area along with a lack of air conditioning, during June, July, and August can lead to heat related injuries.

Fans help evaporate sweat off of your body to lower your body temperature. You can also use them to create a crosswind. Place the fan in a cooler room blowing into a warmer room. I use that trick to keep the bathroom mirror from fogging up. It really works. Keeping humidity down is a great way to keep the house cooler.

To help, Pinnacle Senior Living of Lufkin is having a fan drive through the end of July. You can drop off a fan at the Pinnacle Senior Living Center in Lufkin at 615 Whitehouse Drive in Lufkin, or the Angelina County Senior Center at 2801 Valley Ave, Lufkin, Texas.

They have a front porch drop off to keep everyone involved safe. The senior citizen fan drive is sponsored by Hospice Plus Lufkin, Pinnacle Senor Living, Meals on Wheels, and the Angelina County Senior Center. For relatively little money, you can help a senior in need. We don't want a local senior to have to make the choice of eating or keeping themselves cool.


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