On June 4th 2019, we got the notification here at the station of an early morning auto pedestrian accident on Timerland Drive in Lufkin. A woman was critically injured around 5:45am when she crossed into the path of an oncoming Chevy Camaro. This happened right in front of the Sun N Pines Motel.

We have found out today that the woman has sadly passed away as a result of her injuries. She was also identified finally today, since Lufkin Police Department is having no luck locating next of kin. There were plenty of people that knew Adams, but not any that knew about her families whereabouts. LPD posted this to facebook, along with a picture.

The woman killed in the auto-pedestrian accident earlier this week on Timberland Drive is identified as Ruby Adams, 57, of Lufkin.
Though there are people familiar with Ms. Adams here in Lufkin, we have been unable to locate any family members. At this time we are asking for the public’s help.
Ms. Adams has also apparently gone by the last names of Maxey and Crawford and appears to have previously lived in the Texas cities of Lubbock, Joshua and Cleburne.
“These situations are always so sad and we hate for family – estranged or not – to find out about the passing of a loved one in this manner,” Public Relations Specialist Jessica Pebsworth said. “Unfortunately, this is a last resort to reunite her with loved ones.”
If anyone knows of family for Ms. Adams or is related to Ms. Adams, please contact the Department at 936-633-0356.


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