This is why I have a hard time with online donations, and it's sad when the one bad apple ruins the whole tree.

Remember the story that went viral a year ago about a homeless man who supposedly gave his last $20 to help a New Jersey woman get gas after she was stranded? Yep, fake, fake, fake.

NBC News reports that Mark D'Amico, Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt conspired to create the fictitious story in order to raise money for themselves. According to NBC News, investigators found that the three set up the GoFundMe account in such a way to deliberately hide information intended to help donors decide whether to contribute to the fundraiser.

The feel good story of 2017 began to fall apart in early 2018 as the three began to fight over who was using the money. This led to a raid on the couple's home in September and a formal investigation was opened; however no charges were filed at that time.

The three managed to raise more than $400,000 with their story, and all three now face charges including conspiracy and theft by deception.

A reminder to us all to be mindful where our money goes because not everything you read or see is true.

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