Before you start complaining about all the separate Thanksgiving dinners you have to attend, remember that some families will be lucky to have just one.

Not trying to guilt trip anyone, but it's easy to become jaded when the first world problems start to rack up. Travel problems, annoying relatives, and enough food to make you regret having a mouth ... these are just a few things that can make you ready for the new year to hurry along.

So let us know in the comment section below, because we think it would interesting to see where people average on the number of houses or Turkey Day parties that somehow become mandatory at the office.

With our office party, in-laws, Friendsgiving dinners, and the official main event I think I experience around 4 to 5 Thanksgivings per year. That's not even taking into account all the leftovers I'll be heating up and shoving down my gullet in the midnights to follow.

Have some fun with it! Send us a picture of your dinner, your family, or just those maternity pants you saved just for this occasion. Let us know how many Turkey Days you have? Do you prefer tamales over turkey? Just take some time to tell us about your Thanksgiving rituals. Not only are we interested, but we may share some of the crazier info we get in future posts ... given your permission of course?

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