One of Iggy Azalea's backup dancers faced a major medical scare during her performance in Brazil.

Earlier this week (Dec. 26), the Empire signee hit the stage at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. In the middle of performing her song "Black Widow," one of Azalea's backup dancers fell to the floor. Azalea quickly noticed that her dancer was hurt and instantly called for a medic, but felt the need to keep the show going. However, she didn't realize that the dancer was actually suffering a seizure. That's when the performance was halted.

"For what it's worth regarding the backup dancer, I thought she had just fallen/twisted her ankle," Iggy said about the incident in her Instagram stories. "And it may sound harsh but; you keep singing until the music stops & ask for a medic, which is what I did. We are all really shaken up by what happened & just thankful that she's ok."

According to TMZ, medics drove an ambulance onstage to take her away for treatment. Apparently, the lights and heat caused the seizure. The dancer is reportedly doing better now. Soon after the clip went viral, Iggy faced criticism for continuing the show while her dancer was convulsing. The Survive the Summer rapper addressed the backlash as well.

"I know it's easy to make memes of someone "passed out" but someone having a seizure isn't funny, it's really scary!" Iggy continued. "So I hope my fans do not repost some of the memes I'm seeing about my dancer."

See footage from Iggy's concert and her response to criticism she faced for continuing her performance during her dancer's seizure below.

TheNewClassic via Instagram
TheNewClassic via Instagram

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