In Texas, we are huge dog lovers. There isn't a dog breed that you can't find here in the Lone Star State.

Bergamasco Sheepdog or Bergamese Shepherd, Adult laying on Grass

Yet, Texas doesn't even hit the top 10 of the most dog owners in the US per capita.

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According to 58% of households in Texas own pets, and 43% of those own dogs. Idaho is the highest in the country at 58.3%.

German shepherd in the forest

Don't Try To Tell Texans What Dogs They Can Own

Texans are sometimes like stubborn children. If you tell them they can't do something, they want to do it that much more.

That makes me somewhat hesitant to tell you that your Texas county might not let you have a Wolfdog. Your next questions might be, what is a Wolfdog and where can I get one?

A Wolfdog is just that, a dog, recently crossbred with a wolf. They are very difficult to care for and sometimes problematic according to their amount of "wolfiness".


Beware Of Wolfdog Breeders And Know The Pitfalls of Ownership

According to the only thing worse than a "high-content" Wolfdog is a dog being misrepresented. If the animal has a mask pattern on its face and is an adult without yellow eyes, it is likely not a Wolfdog.

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Actual wolves like the Mexican grey wolf and the red wolf are endangered species in our state according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. You can see where hybrids of those species and dogs could be problematic, since someone would have to own an endangered animal for it to be possible.

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They will also chew your furniture. Check with your county for the most updated laws before bringing one of these big dogs home.

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