If you are going to see a band live, Imagine Dragons never fail to deliver an amazing show.

Last night they performed in the Armory in Minnesota. That seems much better than their last concert performing outside on New Years Eve. It was in New Orleans, and as you recall, it was FREEZING cold. I think even we got a bit of snow in Texas that night. Apparently they were just glad to be preforming inside.

I saw them in Las Vegas in December and they put on on an amazing show. Lead singer Dan Reynolds, busted out of his fancy shiny silver pants. He was going that hard, glad to be back and performing for his home town during the #VegasStrong concert. They were the highlight of the evenings, and did a quick set all their hits. If you ever get a chance to see them live in concert, assuming you like the music, do it! You won't be disappointed.

I tried to take pictures of the concert with my then very new Iphone X, and even though it was an amazing phone, I was pretty far away. But you can just make out Dan trying to get a belt, and not flash the crowd. Luckily he had his underwear on.

If anything, this just serves as a love letter to the band. And a reminder, if you can only see one band in concert ... You know who to go see.