Have you been watching the new season of The Voice on NBC? If so, returning coach Cee-Lo Green is sporting a new look... a tattoo on his head. His WHOLE head. Which got me wondering: Is that a real tattoo?

At first, I thought it was a magnificent job with a Sharpie and a little extra time on a wardrobe mistress' hands.

After further research, it IS a real tattoo, albeit henna, which makes it temporary. Henna tattoos typically last from one to four weeks. With that being said, you have to wonder if it'll all fade uniformly or in stages? Are we going to see some interesting head gear in the interim as it wears off?


After all, he did use to sport a cat and a cockatoo as pets in several of the episodes. (Turns out that they were rented and not actually Cee-Lo's pets.)