It's been just over a year since Kim Kardashian tweeted out a special National Snake Day message and leaked a video many believe proved Taylor Swift lied about not approving of her husband Kanye West's lyrics referencing the pop star in the lyrics—which are arguably derogatory—to his The Life of Pablo track, "Famous." Now it appears—or at least, some people on Twitter think—the pop superstar is using her next album, titled Reputation, to exact her revenge.

Earlier this week, Swift wiped away everything from her social media accounts and uploaded videos of a striking snake and announced her newest album and a single—which is due out on Thursday (Aug. 24). The font she's using for the album cover also appears to be the same one Kanye used for The Life of Pablo.

Because of Swift's perceived vindictive nature, people are flipping out at what all of this could mean, and her album title and the snake she posted could all be part of her plan to strike back at her perceived haters. If you remember the fallout from last year, you know Swift's reputation took a hit, because for many people, Kardashian's video was proof enough that she was the duplicitous "snake" they always imagined her to be.

As expected, Twitter has already weighed in, and the reactions have been all over the place. Check them all out in our gallery below in addition to Swift's new album cover and a few of her Instagram posts.

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Big Machine Records

See Tweets on Fans' Reactions to Taylor Swift's New Album Possibly Aimed at Kanye West

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