There are a few places in Lufkin that might qualify as a dangerous intersection. Since Covid-19 started it seems even more of them are becoming risky. Drivers are not worried about their speed, or driving very defensively these days.

This area in front of Beards Jewelers is where people race around trying to get to the Wal-Mart Shopping Center. It's actually two on ramps, one for 59 South/I 69 and one to go to Sam's or any of the shops in that area on Daniel McCall Drive in Lufkin.

If you start out in the left lane and you want to go to Tractor Supply, what do you do? You race out in front of everyone and start getting right immediately. Now this usually works out, unless the person next to you realizes what you are doing. They could be going to the car wash, and looking at your car like you need one as well. You trying to get to the car wash and get in front of me? Not happening. You floor it, and a game of chicken starts right then and there.

I'm not saying that's what happened in this instance, but yesterday at around 4pm there was a major accident in that area involving 3 vehicles. Damage was extensive, but luckily they didn't get up to a super dangerous speed off the light. It could have been someone trying to beat the light coming the opposite way, the way the cars are positioned.

Just know that accidents happen in town. I am sure we average around one a day inside or just near Loop 287. Be safe out there, and I pray everyone in this accident doesn't have any long lasting effects. 

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Traffic Accident Loop 287 Lufkin

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