It's something I can safely say you will never do, and it involves your eyeball.  But just in case you're thinking about it, I'll mention that it's illegal, and I"ll save you some time in court.

Don't be sellin' your eyeball!  It's illegal to sell one's eye in Texas, or any of your friends' eyes for that matter too.  Selling a human eye is against the law, and it's also illegal to sell the kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, or bones.   The basic rule of um...thumb, is that t's not okay to sell human tissue that doesn't include hair or blood.  I thought there was blood in the heart.  But maybe we shouldn't over analyze.  It's odd.

Texas has plenty of odd laws.  In Beaumont, collegiate football has been banned at Lamar University.  In Austin, it's illegal to carry wire cutters in your pocket.  It's actually against the law to possess any tools that can be used in a burglary, so that's the thinking behind that one.  Do they know how many musicians in Austin use wire cutters to trim guitar strings?  Hmm.

Oh, and would you like to get married, but you don't actually want to be at the ceremony? You're in luck.  Texas is one of the states to allow "marriage by proxy," which means either the groom or the bride can have someone attend the ceremony in his or her place. You'd better buy the proxy a gift.

It used to be illegal for hair stylists to carry scissors, but a new law makes it legal for licensed cosmetologists and barbers to do their work at events like weddings.

Things can change!  We'll keep you updated on what our lawmakers come up with in Austin this session.

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