Today's the day you've all been dreading/waiting for, the day that only comes around once every 4 years,  it's Inauguration Day. The presidents staff has been hard at work getting ready for the annual days long event.

There will be two "Official" Ball's hosted by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, where the president, first lady and vice president will show up and waltz around the stage in black ties and evening gowns. Both events will be held on Monday January 21st, at the D.C. Convention Center: One for members of the military and family (tickets will be free to those invited) and “The Inaugural Ball,” billed as a “unified celebration” for everyone else.

The majority of people that will attend the Inaugural Ball will be corporate sponsors, campaign donors, grass-roots volunteers, and other supporters lucky enough to get an invitation to buy a ticket; were told these will cost anywhere from ten thousand bucks to upwards of one million dollars for a single pair.

There will of course be plenty of other unofficial society balls, bashes and parties; like the "Texas Black Tie and Boots Ball" (six stages, all-you-can-eat Texas-buffet, open bars), that happened on January 19th at the Gaylord National Resort.

Are you planning to go to some kind of Inauguration Day Bash? Tell us about it, send us pictures!