When it comes to breakfast, is there really anything that can come close to a short stack of pancakes?  Golden brown pancakes made with Angel wings and memories of your grandmother!  Throw in those pads of real butter resting comfortably until they melt between each cake.  Either butter flavored syrup or maple or maybe even pecan beautifully dripping off the sides.

It's the real breakfast of champions!  And today we celebrate those Godly creations!  It's "IHOP Free Pancake Day" (formerly National Pancake Day) and IHOP is giving away free short stacks of their original buttermilk pancakes today from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm, with select locations serving them all the way until 10:00 pm!

Though the short stack is absolutely free, IHOP is asking for donations to help children battling critical illnesses.  Each stack served today helps them flip it forward for kids in need.  As they put it, "Doing good never tasted so good."


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