Just like here in the Lone Star State, our neighbors to the north just passed a law that allows for women to be topless in public. I think it was because they were enjoying that meme of Post Malone getting flashed.  I was actually surprised that women could go topless here. That doesn't mean that will not get arrested, but at least you can't go to prison for enjoying the same topless carefree world that men enjoy.

Your local city ordinances could take effect, and they might take you downtown for things like public lewdness, indecent exposure, or disorderly conduct. The local police might even be able to call it trespassing. Just know the difference between these, and just minding your business without a shirt on, just like guys. The only place in Texas that people actually put this into practice is at a nudist colony, or just about anywhere in Austin. They are keeping it weird for the rest of us.


This is all started in Fort Collins, Colorado where a city ordinance forbidding women from going shirtless in public. This has been a multiyear legal battle and that ordinance has now officially been ruled unconstitutional. This new ruling came down by the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Now that particular court affects six different states.

Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. This means it is now illegal for any of those states to make a law forbidding public toplessness. If anyone is mad about this, you can blame Fort Collins, Colorado. Since the town pushed this issue so hard into higher courts, it now affects all of these states. So thanks, Fort Collins?

"We made a huge impact way beyond Fort Collins, and we were just trying to start a conversation," Brit Hoagland, one of the plaintiffs in the original lawsuit, said of the victory. "And that conversation reached to so many more people. It’s a miraculous achievement I didn’t think I would see in my lifetime let alone so soon."

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