Good news for Jason Derulo fans! The ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ singer is doing much better than he was last week after he sustained a broken neck during tour rehearsals. Derulo filmed a video updating his fans on his current condition, saying he’s “OK” and that the hardest part of this whole ordeal isn’t the fact that he fractured his neck (an injury that can sometimes lead to paralysis and death), but that he was forced to cancel his world tour.

Surrounded by a sea of “Get Well Soon” balloons, flowers and stuffed animals, Derulo, who was sporting a neck brace, directly addressed all of his fans and supporters for the love they have shown him during this difficult time. “I wanted to make this video just to say thank you and to let you guys know that I’m OK,” Derulo said. “To all my fans, to all the blogs, to all the radio stations, to all the television stations, thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. The outpour of love has been tremendous across the world and it’s been a real blessing to have people who really care and understand.”

Derulo continued, “The hardest part about this whole thing is not the fact that I’m in pain or anything like that, it’s just the fact that I had to cancel my first world tour. I was really looking forward to this obviously, and I was trying to formulate a cutting edge show that was unlike anything else and sometimes things don’t go as planned and sometimes you know a fork gets put into the road.” He then went on to say, “But it’s all good, you know it hasn’t happened yet but it will happen very soon. To all my fans who were coming I promise you it will happen very very soon and it will be even bigger and better than I planned this first time.”

Although he looked a bit uncomfortable due to his injury, Derulo seemed truly touched by all of the well wishes and concern. We are so glad to see that he is doing better! Breaking your neck is no joke, so we’re happy to see the singer is making a full recovery.

If you want to send Jason positive and healing vibes, you can click here to visit his website and find out how.

Watch Jason Derulo Update Fans About His Neck Injury