There was a huge brawl Monday night in the Jersey house between Ronnie and the Situation. The fist fight resulted after Ronnie had an argument with Sammi and started mouthing off to the Situation. They started throwing punches, and the Situation walked away with two black eyes while Ronnie had to wrap his fists up. But things have returned to normal in the Jersey Shore house. The two boys have since mended their problems after a long heart to heart and have worked out their issues. In the meantime, the girls were out doing exactly what they weren’t supposed to do. The crew has been banned from drinking alcohol in public while filming in Italy, but do you really expect them to abide by rules? Snooki, J-Wow, Deena and Sammi were photographed taking shots and getting wild at a bar in Florence. It is unclear if the MTV crew was filming at the time, but it was all captured by the local paparazzi. And it’s sure to make the mayor mad!

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