It’s no secret that Jessica Simpson loves the booze. She has been photographed sloppy drunk numerous times, but her drinking was never made out to be a big deal. That’s just not the case for her sister Ashlee Simpson. Ever since Ashlee split up with Pete Wentz there have been a lot of stories about her being a raging alcoholic.

Ashlee hasn’t been handling the split very well and turned to the booze. She is guzzling about 8-10 bottles of wine a week, and big sis Jess just thinks that she is self-destructing. Jessica decided it was time to stage an intervention and save Ashlee before it’s too late.

Jessica wants Ashlee to funnel her angst into songwriting. Jessica has even been writing with Ashlee but refuses to take any credit. The only reward she wants is her baby sister to be sober and make an impressive comeback.

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