When we say "Take them to church," we're usually thinking about a singer who uses their soulful vocals to croon their heart out to an audience.

While Jidenna definitely brings the pipes, his version of that idea involves a fictionalized account of his tragic race to reclaim the love of his life before she gets married. That is the story of his new video for "Bambi," a single of his recently released debut album, The Chief

In the new visual, the Classic Man sits alone in the park as he reminisces about one of his ex-girlfriends, who happens to be getting married later that day. Wearing a super fresh white tuxedo, Jidenna sips from a flask as the dreamy instrumental begins playing.

On the track itself, Jidenna somewhat mournfully sings, "Oh Bambi I won't lie/If I weren't in this spider web of mine/If grandfather never had seven wives/Then darling you would be love of my life/Oh Bambi it's my design/To run the jungle I must be a lion/Or be a cheetah but neither is fine/Don't wanna hurt my dear love of my life."

In the video's flashbacks, Jidenna is cuddled up with his ex as he continues drinking a hefty amount of liquor. It's unclear whether or not he's imagining that his lost lover is there with him as he drinks himself to oblivion or he's actually with her. Either way, the point is made, and Jidenna's clearly playing the part of a man with a broken heart.

You can see the new visual for yourself just below, and stream Jidenna's debut album here.

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