Johnny Manziel is an East Texas boy, born December 6th 1992 in Tyler.  And then of course he had the great high school football career in the Hill Country at Kerrville Tivy High, and then came back to East Texas to get everybody's attention as the Texas A&M QB and win the Heisman.  Think he'll be an NFL star?

The Cleveland Browns are going to give him a shot this weekend against the Bengals.  The coach said in an email this week the decision to start Johnny wasn't about him or about the quarterback he's replacing, but it was about the Cleveland Browns. So it's about the team, and maybe he should stop doing that money-rubbing hand gesture?

Johnny said in an email he's spent the season learning how to be a pro, and he's ready to make the Cleveland fans (or Dawg Pound) proud.  You know the first time he scrambles out of the pocket and runs 20 yards for a touchdown the fans are going to go wild and all the doubters will have to eat a big fat I-told-you-so.  At least for a minute.

There will be ups and downs I'm sure, but it could be the start of a memorable NFL for Johnny Manziel on Sunday.  Good luck Johnny Football.  East Texas will be watching.