I recently renewed my Sam's Club membership at the Lufkin Sam's Club. During the pandemic, I really just didn't see the need.

After a two-year hiatus, I am back on the bulk buy again. Now there are huge bags of food and uneaten fruits again in my fridge.

You really have to have a large family or a business to get the most out of bulk buys. The Sam's Club in Lufkin is the only one within a 100-mile radius of Deep East Texas.

This Special Deal On Sam's Club Memberships Is Over Sunday

If you have ever had a Sam's Club Membership, renewal time is always a conundrum. Is the cost going to actually equal savings when I buy in bulk?

Usually, it's just $45 to renew and it doesn't seem that bad. Now add that $45 onto one grocery run that's already $200 and it kind of hurts at renewal time.

Right now you can find out if a Sam's Club membership is right for you. For just $8 you can get a membership.

What Is The Catch When Getting A Sam's Club Membership For $8?

Join for less than a 4th is the slogan the company is using. It ties in with all the 4th of July purchases they hope you make after getting your membership.

The "catch' or as they like to call them "terms" is that you cannot have had a membership before. I don't know how they determine that; I guess by your email or credit card information. You also must go to the club and sign up in person for the offer.

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If you have always wanted a Sam's Club membership this is the time to take advantage of the $8 offer. Just be prepared to love it, and pay $45 or more this time next year.

Once you try Sam's scan and go app, you'll never want to buy groceries any other way.

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