Jordin Sparks appeared on the ‘TODAY’ show on Wednesday (Aug. 15), where she opened up about her new movie, ‘Sparkle,’ as well as her late co-star Whitney Houston.

The 22-year-old ‘American Idol‘ alum talked about landing the title role in her debut film, and how the “stars really did align” for the project. She said, “Everybody was in a place to where they could really propel the characters, and I feel like Whitney also was just in this place in her life where she could really play a mother like that.

“And with me, it was my first time so I couldn’t have asked for a better experience,” she added. Sparks also admitted that acting in her first major motion picture was “nerve-wracking,” but her supportive co-stars gave her suggestions and tips along the way.

Sparks and Houston got to know each other for an intense two months, so it’s no wonder why the singer/actress was “devastated” and “shell-shocked” to hear of her co-star’s passing. However, Sparks is putting a positive spin on things. When talking about Houston and the film, she said, “What better gift for her to leave all of her fans and for everybody than this amazing performance that she does.”

Watch Jordin Sparks Talk About ‘Sparkle’ on ‘TODAY’


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