Justin Bieber‘s video for ‘Boyfriend’ is his most mature to date, since his fans are growing and evolving with him. It’s logical and chronological for him to do that. He is now officially a leading man. The big twist that The Biebs spoke about when hyping the vid? The teasers, such as the one of the female hands pawing at his chest, which he released in advance of the premiere, weren’t representative of or a part of the video. Biebs, you literally are a tease!

The clip starts with the song’s intro and the singer whispering in a pretty girl’s ear, as seen through the screen of an iPhone, with other girls watching them voyeuristically. Then, the video stops and starts all over again, with the Biebs now cruising in a black convertible, with sunglasses and the famed Bieber bangs spiked instead of swooped. He shows of his desirable side, bumping and grinding with a pretty brunette.

These are all signposts that Bieber is growing up.

He plays guitar while his friends, both male and female, dance on a rooftop on a warm, sunny day. He’s strumming away, impressing the one he wants. There’s also lots of cars.

The Biebs works really hard to woo the object of his affection, that pretty girl whose boyfriend he wants to be. He nuzzles and cuddles with her in the car, singing the lyrics in her ear and playing with her hair. He’s working it and romancing her to the nth degree.

The gold kicks don’t hurt, either. Stylin’ and profilin’ and growing up.

By the time the vid fades out, you’re left with this thought: Justin Bieber, Leading Man. He’s a boy no more.

Watch Justin Bieber, ‘Boyfriend’ Video