While representatives for actor/singer Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel have yet to issue a formal statement about the pair’s rumored engagement, an even more credible source has emerged to confirm the good news … and it’s JT’s grandmother!

Sadie Bomar told Gossip Cop that the JT and Biel are indeed engaged. So now we can officially offer a huge “Congrats!” to the genetically blessed couple!

Bomar told the site that her grandson “called me on Christmas Day and told me he’s engaged.” Aw, what a good boy he is to include grandma! Grams also revealed that JT asked her not to speak about the engagement until after the holidays, presumably so that the couple could enjoy a little privacy. Can you just imagine that convo? “Hi Grandma, it’s Justin. I asked Jess to marry me and she said yes! If anyone from the press or the media or tabloids contacts you about it, keep it tight! Don’t let them harass you.”

Bomar also referred to Biel as “Jessie,” saying that the family loves her and “she’s a very sweet girl.” She also revealed that the frequent ‘SNL’ host asked Biel for her hand while on vacation in Montana.

JT and JB broke up last March after a lengthy relationship. He was reportedly dating actress Olivia Wilde at one point, but went on record in Vanity Fair, while they were broken up, to call Biel the most significant person in his life, which is beyond a romantic gesture. He was also gun-shy about marriage, which made us wonder if that was why they split in the first place. However, they rekindled the fires over the summer, without confirming any sort of details on their renewed commitment in the press, but it looks like for good.

Congrats again, kids!