Kanye West might have made a guest appearance on Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's now-defunct Cleveland Show, but he can still get these jokes. If the rapper didn't know that before this past Sunday's Christmas episode of Family Guy, he does now.

In the "Don't Be a Dickens at Christmas" episode of the long-running Fox TV series, Saturday Night Live alum Jay Pharoah gives voice to the Griffin family's Kanye Canes, which are candy canes that shout out amalgams of past Yeezy boasts. It's pretty spot-on.

"You know it's just like, you know, music and fashion—all that," the Kanye Cane says one moment. "You know I can't be stopped. Whatever I do, you know I just wanna be the best, because, the best is never enough."

There's no telling how Yeezy would react to this joke now, but years ago, he sent shots at South Park when their creators turned in a hilarious parody of the rapper for one of their episodes. Unlike in year's past, though, Kanye hasn't really spoken on anything over the last year. But he is, apparently, in good spirits after being hospitalized last year.

Speaking with the folks at Montreality, his G.O.O.D. Music artist Desiigner confirmed that Yeezy's alright—and he's working on some new music.

"Kanye is doing great man, he's staying focused," Desiigner said of ’Ye. "You know he's a busy man, he got the art going on, he got the album and also he got the label and then, first and foremost, he has a family. He's coming up, the album is about to be crazy, we working man G.O.O.D. Music, we forever baby." Word.

Check out the Kanye Canes in the video below. They come in at the 45-second mark.

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