Much has been made about Kanye West's health since the rapper was hospitalized for a mental breakdown last fall, but if you let his G.O.O.D. Music signee Desiigner tell it, we should be more excited than we are worried. Speaking to Montreality, the perpetually energetic rapper said Yeezy's doing just fine, and his The Life of Pablo follow-up is going to be epic.

"Kanye is doing great man, he's staying focused," Desiigner says of ’Ye. "You know he's a busy man, he got the art going on, he got the album and also he got the label and then, first and foremost, he has a family. He's coming up, the album is about to be crazy, we working man G.O.O.D. Music, we forever baby."

Elsewhere in the interview, Desiigner speaks on his forthcoming L.O.D. album, which his fans have been waiting for since they heard "Panda" for the first time in 2016. The Brooklyn rapper says the G.O.O.D. Music bosses have made sure to give him their opinions on his debut album.

"My debut album L.O.D. is like a movie," Desiigner affirms. "It's like your favorite movie. When it's time to put down that art, everybody come together, Ye put his input, Pusha T sit down put his input call you all night if he feel like it's a switch, it gets crazy."

When Desiigner's not discussing his album, Kanye or his approach to recording, he's speaking on his and other newcomers' place in the rap game. He's also fond of Kendrick Lamar showing love to the newer generation.

"I appreciate Kendrick showing motivation and giving that thumbs up to the youth and seeing us grow," he says in the video.

Peep the rest of Desiigner's conversation with Montreality in the video below. The bit about Yeezy comes in at the 7:31-mark, while talk of his L.O.D. album comes in at 9:13.

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