Last week, I received two Keto Krates in the mail and I did a taste test of a raspberry lemon snack bar.

Today, I grabbed two bags from a box and brought them to work with me to give them both a quick review.

HighKey Mini CookiesDare I say that these mini cookies are better than Famous Amos cookies? I do... I do dare. These things taste like your ordinary confectionery delight, but have 22 grams of carbs in the entire bag.

They're somehow crispy, yet moist in the best way possible. There is no weird aftertaste or chalky consistency. It's just a great little cookie.

I've been told it's best to not be eating artificially sweet stuff while on the keto diet since your brain will continue to crave sweet things, but if you can stock up on these and eat half a serving every quarter of the day, you might not want anything else.

5/5 stars! Somebody give me some almond milk.

HighKey Cookies

I grabbed two snack bags this morning so I'll go ahead and review a more savory treat now.

Maybe I have more experience with baked goods than I do with pork belly bites that advertise "burnt ends" with and exclamation mark. I was a bit taken aback when I first popped one of these little nuggets in my mouth.

At first, I mistook most of it for gristle. Each bite is basically 1/2 tough burnt side, and 1/2 super soft (melts in your mouth) fat.

Don't get me wrong, the taste is really good. The more I ate them, the more okay I was with the texture of them, but there is still an uneasy feeling I have about the half that just squishes into nothingness while I'm working to chew through the other half.

3/5 stars - The great smoky taste would keep me coming back for more.

Pork belly bites

What should I try next? Comment on the post. I'm probably just going to grab something at random if you don't speak up. Don't forget to check out my review of the Good To Go snack bars.


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