I was today years old when I learned the word 'bilttong'. Typing the word still registers as a typo, so you can't judge me for not knowing what it was beforehand.

It's dried, cured meat and I recently tried the Brooklyn Biltong brand of prepackaged dried beef. The flavor I got from my Keto Krate was lemon pepper, and the bag makes it a point to let you know there is NO SUGAR, and that apparently it's 'better than jerky'.

While it sounds nice that there isn't any sugar in a bag, it should be noted that there is over 500 mg of sodium per serving.

Biltong Brooklyn

The taste is really good. I'm not sure if you're a lemon pepper fan, but the flavoring is actually pretty subtle and is more of a hint of lemon if anything. It's a bit more tender than jerky and I now agree that biltong is better.

It's good for people doing keto, paleo, or whole 30. If it wasn't for the sky high amounts of sodium, I'd feel fine about eating this all the time. Oh, also they are like $35 per 16 oz bag.

This is a taste review, so I'm giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

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