If ever there were a time for President Obama to show his anger, Key & Peele’s Luther would be it. Watch the pair make their final appearance on The Daily Show, as Luther tries (and fails spectacularly) to keep his anger toward the new President-Elect in check.

Comedy Central shared the full clip from last night’s Daily Show, opening with Keegan-Michael Key explaining the genesis of their final appearance in one of Key & Peele’s signature sketches. Once the bit itself gets rolling, Peele’s Obama manages to keep surprisingly cool, where Luther can just barely contain himself. Bonus points for that sketch reference in regards to Melania.

Prior to the sketch, Key noted that the Comedy Central show’s former executive producer Jay Martell had written the new anger translation for his own catharsis after Election Night, before emailing the comedy duo to participate. Key also explained that he and Peele decided to be “so very British” about ending the show at five seasons, rather than risk becoming unfunny in a seventh or eighth.

You can watch the full scene above, and don’t forget about Keegan-Michael Key’s next gig on The Simpsons.

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