Rumors that our Kirkland's store in Lufkin is closing have started. A retail armageddon continues, as online shopping has moved from a convenience for the few willing to pay for shipping, to the norm. The time savings for people in a world where time is precious, is becoming undeniable.

Some Kirkland's stores are closing in malls, to make way for larger stand alone stores in the same area. Hopefully that is true for our store, it could be headed for a strip mall, where rent is cheaper per square foot, and they could display more products.

I reached out to Kirkland's in the Lufkin Mall, and the manager Sherri was not immediately available for comment. I will update this story with any information that I find out, from official sources.

This is just part of the changes we have seen in the retail landscape at Lufkin Mall. Sears, Hot Topic, Candy Craze are just a few that come to mind. Stores that are still open in some places, but just weren't profitable here in Deep East Texas.

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