House shoes have gotten a bad wrap. Big fluffy, furry, and lacking in the one thing you need, support. You might have experienced some long term house shoe wearing in the past couple of months. Now that it's summer, those once comfy house shoes have worn thin.

I did some searching and I found some house shoes that are perfect for summer, and around the house. You might be a fan, like I am, of socks. These would all be great ideas to wear with socks. I know, socks with sandals, is a big no no, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Your search is over for a cooling shoe for indoors, no clomping allowed, the house slipper of the future.

Some ladies might be wearing socks as house shoes, but that only lasts so long. Once you get a hole in your favorite pair of socks, you'll understand. What if there was a shoe option that was actually interesting and attractive all the while being cool, and okay with socks.

In Texas there are a lot of people that wear Croc's with socks, but they are in short supply in styles that women might wear. Especially around the house, and those Croc's aren't the most supportive shoes in the world.Some places have actually banned them, like hospitals.They just aren't secure enough for the rigors of on the job action in an ER. I don't really think that any of the selections I found below are either, but I do believe they are more supportive.

If you find yourself working from home, the footwear here might just have you mistakenly walking out the door with them still on.

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