We always knew Lady Gaga was larger-than-life in a metaphorical sense. But she is literally just that in the towering billboard for her upcoming Fame fragrance, which utterly dominates Times Square. The billboard, which is the same image as the first print ad, featuring a naked Gaga being scaled by dozens of mini-men while wearing a latex mask and slicked back blonde hair, stretches across 7,400 square feet of the tourist haven’s southeast corner.

Out-of-towners can hit Times Square for a little fast-paced NYC ambiance, some authentic pizza and gawk at a life-sized image of one of the city’s most famous and beloved natives.

Obviously, this billboard has to be extra-special for the Mother Monster, since New York City is where she was born and raised. We bet that Manhattan-dwelling members of the Germanotta clan traveled down to Times Square to take photos of the ad. It’s a piece of the pop star’s history, as well as her family’s history. It also lets a huge amount of people know that Gaga will drop her debut fragrance imminently.

Fame, the first-ever black perfume that sprays on clear and becomes invisible once it’s airborne, will land at retail counters this September. Steven Klein shot the entire campaign and directed the full Fame film, which will premiere on her LittleMonsters.com site later this month.

Watch Lady Gaga’s Fame Trailer