Rental, sweet, rental! Lady Gaga invited her little monsters into her rented NYC apartment.

Gaga is camped out in her home city this week, as her seven-show residency closes the doors on the famed Roseland Ballroom.

Ma Monster has often said that she doesn't have a room of her own – actually, she doesn't have a home of her own, but by choice.

She instead crashes at her parents' house. But currently, she is renting a luxe NYC crib. Liza Minnelli, who rivals Gaga in terms of theatrics, once lived in this crib, as did her BFF and duet partner Tony Bennett.

Gaga let MTV take a peak at her A-P-T, saying, "We're not at the home, but at the rental, since I am not ready to be a true grownup yet."

She may not be ready for the mortgage and the commitment of real estate, consummating her status as an adult, even though she can afford it. But she was a terrific hostess, serving tea in a set gifted to her by Donatella Versace.

She also wore a very period-like floral ensemble while doing so. It was very ladies-who-lunch.

The apartment is amazing, with a terrace view of Central Park.

"The most important thing to me about this place is I can come out here and stand outside. That's the best thing. I miss going outside," referring to the fact that she often has to disguise herself in order to get to and fro, thanks to the pesky paparazzi. "Such is life, I'm blessed in many ways."


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