The City of Lufkin, and Angelina County have made a decree to close all dining rooms to flatten the curve of Covid-19. This will go in effect tonight Friday March 20th, 2020 right before midnight. Some local restaurants are doing drive through and take out only. Others have kept their doors open, and continue to serve the public.

Most of our local restaurants are small businesses. Even as I write this the tax filing deadline has moved to July in the US. That will help some, but shopping local, also means eating local. Even if you aren't willing to eat in a local restaurant, grab a to go order and help them out.

Skyline Burrito Bowl, Lia's Kitchen, Manhattan Fine Dining, Restoration Bistro and others have their dining rooms open on this last day. They have all redoubled their efforts in cleaning, and helping maintain social distancing. They are also taking advantage of take out services like Door Dash, and Uber Eats.

Other local restaurants like Herraduras Mexican Fire & Grill are doing to go orders and pick up out in front. They are also looking to start their own delivery services. Mom's has a drive thru window, even though their dining room has been closed since the 16th.

Reach out to your favorite local restaurant and see what they are offering, while we stay safe and stop the spread of Coronavirus.


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