The internet wins yet again. Recently, YouTube user AOK rendered the soap opera-level drama surrounding Kyrie Irving and LeBron James through an ultra-clever parody of the classic Eminem song, "Stan." Peep it for yourself below.

For those of you who haven't been keeping score of the LeBron-Kyrie drama, here's a brief rundown: Less than one month after his Cleveland Cavaliers team fell to the Golden State Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals, Kyrie Irving was reported to have requested a trade from the organization. Upon the leaking of his request, it was reported he was attempting to leave his squad—which is captained by LeBron James, arguably the league's best player and won a championship over the Warrior's in the 2016 NBA Finals—in order to get out of his transcendant teammate's shadow.

Although Kyrie inarguably played a massive role in the Cavs' success over the last three years, rumors that he was trying to exit Cleveland to prove that he could succeed without LeBron began to circulate the sports world. There were also rumors LeBron and the Cavs were trying to trade Kyrie around the time of 2017 NBA Draft. It's these reports that fuel the idea that Kyrie feels underappreciated by his larger-than-life teammate, which apparently led this YouTube user to make this video.

In the vid, we see animated versions of Kyrie and LeBron moving about as Kyrie, who's widely regarded as one of the NBA's most talented scorers, writes about his frustrations with LeBron—"Stan" style.

Written from the perspective of Kyrie, the song, titled "Dear LeBron," tackles everything from the talented guard's reported belief in a flat earth, LeBron's (alleged) tendency to subtweet his teammates and the superstar's famed Banana Boat friendship with Chris Paul.

"Dear LeBron, I wrote you but you're only subtweeting/I left my cell, my email and my address in Cleveland/I sent two letters to Dan Gilbert you must not have got him/He probably fell off the flat earth or something," animated Kyrie spits. The track even features a mock Dido hook.

"LeBron is mad, I'm wondering why, I asked for a trade at all/I scored 40 in the Finals—but I can't please LeBron/And even if I could, I'm not Chris Paul—with a picture on a boat/It reminds me that it's not my Cavs, LeBron runs the Cavs," she sings.

Check out the hilarious vid for yourself below.

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