I typed in the word Kiss and Lips...and a picture of Phillip Phillips from American Idol popped up. First of all, he has two names and they are both the same. But if you want to kiss all up on him....post below and tell me more.

My wife remembers her first kiss. She won't tell me about it though. But I am pretty sure tongue was involved and it was awkward. That's why she won't tell. I luckily don't remember my first kiss, because as a youngster kisses were forced upon me by many girls. Something about growing up in Lufkin, all the girls here think that they can just kiss you all the time. It's a Southern thing.

I do remember the first time a girl that kissed me that I didn't want to be kissed by. It was like a slug slipped into my mouth. So gross. And you know who you are.

If you remember your first kiss, tell me below, leave out the names, and leave in the sordid details!

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