Right across from the Angelina County Court House in Downtown Lufkin, Lia's Kitchen is set to open. We were more than a little surprised when they posted the menu on the front door. Check out what we found!

Main Street Lufkin is please to welcome a new restaurant downtown. But as you can see on the menu, in the picture gallery, they do a lot more than just burgers and fries.  Right when you walk in, kinda like a Cracker Barrel, there are all kinds of things for sale. Women's purses and more.  But that is a separate area right at the front.

Now to the goods. What is on the menu! Much to my surprise, it was Chinese Food! Sushi, Rolls, and Teriyaki Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, everything.  But they still have all the standard American fare as well. I have a feeling I will be eating there at least once a week, since it's so close to the station. I just hope the coffee is good.

You could get married at the court house, and have your reception across the street. Then buy some hats, and a Texas Flag purse, and be on your way to the honeymoon.