The Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department has a socially distant event ready to roll though all the places with the best Christmas lights. Monday December 21st, 2020 we are going old school with a Christmas Convoy.  No need to figure out where the houses with the great lights are, just follow the leader around to all the houses.

You can put your house on the list, or nominate a neighbor. Just CLICK HERE and put in the address. You have until Tuesday December 15, 2020 to click and get it done. If you spent a lot of time putting up all those lights you can now get your reward. Hundred of people gawking at your festive use of electricity. I assume when we get closer to the event we will find out the entire route.

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The event will start at the Lufkin Parks and Recreation building at 516 Montrose St. in Lufkin, Texas. They will kick it all off with carolers, free milk & cookies. Then everyone will head out one after the other in a long line to see all the lights. They will be led by Jeeps and Bikes, so if they come by your house you certainly won't miss this crew.

Bring back childhood memories of driving around with your family to look at all the lights. This is a rather inventive way to get out be a part of something, while still staying socially distant.


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