The Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department is ready to roll though all the places with the best Christmas lights. Tonight Monday December 21st, 2020 they are having a Christmas Convoy.  No need to figure out where the houses with the great lights are, just follow the leader around to all the houses.

The greatest part for me is they released the list of houses they will be visiting. So if you can't go tonight, the addresses of all the houses with the 'goods' aka great Christmas lights, is right here for you.

Light Up Lufkin 3

I was hoping that they would do that. If you're not really up for any sort of group activities, or had to work this evening don't worry. Now we know where to go to see the greatest Christmas lights in Lufkin.

Light up Lufkin

Also tonight as soon as this event starts, it's prime viewing for the Christmas Star!

The event will start at the Lufkin Parks and Recreation building at 516 Montrose St. in Lufkin, Texas. They will kick it all off at 6pm with milk and cookies, carolers, then Lufkin Panther Pride, a Mexican Folklore Dance and more . Then everyone will head out one after the other in a long line to see all the lights. They will be led by Jeeps and Bikes, so if they come by your house you certainly won't miss this crew.

Light Up Lufkin 2
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