Doing what you can personally to stop the spread of Covid-19 the novel coronavirus, is as easy as staying home. The Vapor Room in Lufkin is going a step further and providing the public with masks. Lufkin Mayor Bob Brown has purposed that everyone wear masks in public. Right now, that is harder than normal due to demand. If you don't have a mask and need one, The Vapor Room is helping.

Swing through the convenient drive-thru at The Vapor Room in Lufkin next to McDonalds during business hours, 7am - 9pm weekdays (Full Hours Here) and pick up your mask. A $5 per mask donation is all they ask, and 100% of donations will go back into making free masks at a local company manufacturing them as quickly as they can.


Even a double cloth mask can filter 60% of potential contaminates. The numbers are disputed, but if nothing else it reminds you not to touch your nose and mouth.

If you are in a giving mood and want to help even more people get masks, their are ways that you can partner with the Vapor Room in Lufkin and make a bigger difference. At certain donation levels they will include you in local advertising thanking you for your donation. The Vapor Room is located at 1120 S.Timberland Dr, and you can call 936-225-3366 for more details, they are also very active on their facebook page.

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