If you are looking for some scary stories with an East Texas Twist local authors David Lackey, Blake Heath, Tim Bryant, Randy Porter and Dawna Bowman, have a book for you, with illustrations by Shawna Lowman and Valarie Wilcox.  It's called In The Forest.  I found this from a post by a friend on facebook.  It is available on paperback and the Kindle from Amazon.com.
I read a few pages on Amazon, and so far it's great.  I plan on downloading it to my wife's Kindle and give it a read in the near future and reporting back to you!  But don't wait for my review, support local writers and artists and get the book for yourself!



This is the book description from Amazon.com -


From the depths of the East Texas pine forest, emerge five authors, drawn together by their passion for storytelling, and their unique art of frightening innocent children and old women. Their redneck Voodoo style of storytelling will enchant readers with tales of zombies, cannibals, creepy creatures, love, life, death, and the strange Mojo one might find in between.