We drew what we think these East Texas locations look like from above. Then we sorta went off the rails on that as well.

Does your imagination ever get away from you? Have you ever spent an entire afternoon playing on Google Maps, and just looking at your home and the home or your friends from a bird eye view? That's sort of what happened with us, and we decided to see if you agree with what we saw.

This is a topographical view of Lufkin via Google Maps. We stared at it and saw something familiar. Do you remember the Cynthia doll that Angelica carried around in the Nickelodeon show, "Rugrats"?

Kurth Lake, just north of Lufkin, looks like a mutated America.

Lake Sam Rayburn looks like a weird serpent spitting acid onto a dinosaur.

Lake Nacogdoches looks like a slingshot.

The Pines theater looks like the Majestic in the movie, "The Majestic".

Here's a big statue bust of Stephen F. Austin ... Does he look familiar?

Stephen F. Austin


Oh snap, it's Kevin Kline

"My Old Lady" Premiere - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival
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Do you think of weird stuff like this. or is it just me? Submit your weird thoughts to us and I'll include them in my next weird post. I'll even animate them for you ... the best I can.