Things have been going on behind the scenes at Ellen Trout Zoo. You might have been able to hear him, but now you will get to see what all that roaring is about. The Ellen Trout Zoo recently had a male tiger transported from the Fort Worth Zoo.

The Ellen Trout Zoo is proud to introduce this new vocal addition to their facility. His name is Angin, pronounced Ahn-yin and rhymes with onion.. Angin is very vocal, thus the roaring, loves scent enrichment. The name Angin means 'wind' in Malay.

Ellen Trout Zoo
Ellen Trout Zoo

Angin was born at the Bronx Zoo, and is a 10 year old Malayan Tiger. He was transferred at some point to the Fort Worth Zoo, and now to our zoo. Angin has been quarantined since his arrival November 11th, 2020. I think we can all relate to being in quarantine these days. Quarantining new animal arrivals to the zoo is routine, and allows vet staff to check overall health, and much more.

If you recall we recently lost Hana, also a Malayan Tiger. She lived to be 20, and her long life is attributed to her care at the zoo. The same care that Angin will now enjoy. His zookeeper will continue to learn the best way to work with him, and keep him happy and healthy.

Though no one can replace sweet Hana, Angin -  just as she was, is part of a conservation to help keep tigers on our planet. Malayan Tigers are critically endangered and part of the Species Survival Plan in concert with The Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Welcome to what I hope is your forever home Angin. Hope you enjoy the heat. Spring is coming.


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